Flatland can notify your code when events of interest occur during flatland processing using Blinker signals. These signals can be used for advanced customization in your application or simply as a means for tracing and logging flatland activity during development.

element_set = <blinker.base.NamedSignal object at 0x7ffb4d0e8b50; 'element_set'>

Emitted after set() has been called on an element.

  • sender – the element
  • adapted – boolean, True if the set() adapted successfully.
validator_validated = <blinker.base.NamedSignal object at 0x7ffb4d0e8b90; 'validator_validated'>

Emitted after a validator has processed an element.

  • sender – the validator callable doing validation
  • element – the element being validated
  • state – the state passed to validate()
  • result – the result of validator execution